Needing a roofing contractor? Here are 5 questions to get started

Needing a roofing contractor? Here are 5 questions to get started

Selecting a roofing contractor is a decision to make carefully. If things go wrong, you could find yourself dealing with collateral damage, insurance liability and faulty work that creates big problems later on. These nightmare scenarios are avoidable when you ask the right things before the job begins. Here are five questions that will help you find a quality roofing company.

1. May I see proof of insurance and local address?

If a friend from Dunwoody or Marietta passes along a recommendation, it's unlikely there will be anything suspicious about the contractor. However, confirm the roofer is based around Atlanta and check for proof of the company's insurance. Though Georgia law does not require licenses for roofers, out-of-state contractors with licenses don't provide a superior alternative, as it will be tough to track them down for warrantied repairs.

Before any work begins, find out if a contractor has proof of general liability insurance as well as workers' compensation insurance. Accidents and destruction to your home would likely be your responsibility if the contractor is uninsured in either case.

2. How do you guarantee work?

When you hire a contractor to handle a major project like roof replacement, be sure your investment is protected. Look for a minimum warranty of 25 years for your new roof's materials, as well as a 10-year warranty for labor. In addition, ask for a written estimate of all charges. Otherwise, you may be on the hook for inflated prices when a job gets complicated.

3. Who is the contact person for the duration of the work?

In nearly every contracting job, you should have an on-site contact with whom you can discuss the project until completion. Having to address a different person every day is unacceptable, so select a roofing contractor that provides a single, accountable contact throughout the job. You'll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation.

4. What are your plans to protect my property during the job?

Roofing companies without a proven track record are known for their expensive mistakes. To make sure your home and surrounding property are protected, ask about the precautions they'll use to leave a light footprint. That includes bringing a dumpster for all waste, charting a path so crews won't damage your landscaping, and using ladder stabilizers so your gutters don't take a beating. Cut-rate contractors don't follow these procedures.

5. How do you address weather and material problems?

The final question for a roofing contractor relates to the variables that pop up during jobs. Find out if they have protective coverings in case of unforeseen storms so your home isn't abandoned with the roof open. Also, clarify what will happen if additional materials are required after you receive the original estimate. Don't get stuck with a contractor's prices should new issues materialize.

If you ask the right questions of a roofer, you're going to increase the chances the job will be a success.

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