New Year, New Roof?: 10 Signs Its Time to Replace

New Year, New Roof?: 10 Signs Its Time to Replace

As the new year dawns, thoughts turn to new projects…so do you need to replace your roof this year, or can it wait a while longer? Here's a simple list of signs that homeowners simply can't ignore when it comes to full roof replacement.

1. Leaks From Multiple Spots

A couple leaks can usually be repaired effectively (they may even have the same source). But if your roof has multiple leaks in different areas, that probably means your underlayment and sealants are failing and it's time to get a new roof.

2. Multiple Buckled or Missing Shingles

A few missing shingles are easy to replace. But if shingles are buckling, cracking or missing on every side of your house, it isn't just about storm damage. Your shingles are too old to do their job, and you need to replace them.

3. An Uneven Roofline

Never ignore an uneven roofline. This signifies extensive rot and serious structural damage. You need to get your roof replaced ASAP, and that probably includes a lot of structural repair as well.

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4. A Serious Moss Problem

Moss can be scraped or washed off, but if there's a thick layer over most of your roof - and it's been there for a while - you'll need a replacement. The weight and moisture of that moss has already ruined your current roof. Look for moss-resistant shingles!

5. Bare Shingles

"Bare" shingles are those shingles that are missing most of their granules. You can often find piles of granules along your foundation if your shingles are bare. These are old shingles at the end of their lives, and they can't protect your roof anymore. Time to take them down and replace them.

6. Widespread Rust

Rust attacks your flashing, the metals strips on all the edges of your roof - as well as any metal roof panels or tiles you may have. This usually means that protective coatings have worn away over time and you need to replace your flashing, at a minimum.

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7. Massive Storm Damage

It is rare, but sometimes there's one of those storms that whips up so much debris, or huge hailstones that your roof just can't take it. If your roof has multiple holes, dents, and missing shingles after a storm, then call up your insurance company and get ready for a replacement.

8. A Holey Attic

Climb up to your attic or crawlspace in the day and take a look. If you can see multiple holes letting in daylight then you 1) have a large number of leaks and 2) probably don't have great insulation. It's time to rethink your roof from the bottom up.

9. Bubbled Paint Around the Roof

This indicates problems with ice dams and leakage, so get ready to repair the edge of your roof and more.

10. Your Roof Is Way Past Expiration

Most rooftops last between 20 and 30 years. How old is your roof? If it's many years older than this, then you may want to consider a replacement.

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