Potential Cost of a Leaking Roof: What it really adds up to.

Potential Cost of a Leaking Roof: What it really adds up to.

Calculating the cost of a leaking roof is not always easy. There's the cost of fixing the roof, whether it's the flashing or the shingles. Consquently, underneath the roof, if you've let the leak go unchecked for a while, there's likely additional problems. After the initial cost of a repair, you'll need to include the cost of replacing saturated wood from the home's structure and addressing mold problems and wood rot. Atlanta homeowners can ensure their roofs are lasting and in good condition by discovering the true cost of a leaking roof.

Potential cost of a leaky roof and long-term problems include:

  • Materials. The items the roofer will need add to the cost of the job. To fix a leaky roof, the expert will generally need high-quality plywood, which can run about $20 per sheet. You'll need shingles to cover the area, which costs about $100 per standard square. Then, there're the nails, nail guns (yes, your roofer will include equipment costs in the job's tally) and roof cement.
  • Labor. The manpower to get the job done is generally the costliest part of the project. Roofing professionals can make between $45 to $75 per hour, and there are usually a team of roofers that work together over several days to get the job done.
  • Additional costs. If your roof's leak has done extensive damage underneath the shingles and sheathing, you'll need to include the additional costs to replace the damaged wood and upgrade the home's structure. The total project cost depends on the area in question and how extensive the damage is. For roofs that need flashing repair, expect to pay up to $500. For roof flashing in valleys, calculate between $15 and $25 per foot. Flashing around the chimney runs approximately $200 to $500.

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