Prepping Your Home for a New Roof Installation

Prepping Your Home for a New Roof Installation

Anyone who has had a roof replacement knows that it's quite an undertaking. Your roof covers every square foot of your house, which means it's one of the biggest single structures in the average home. Replacing it takes a team of professionals using time-tested tactics to create a seamless surface that can seal out the elements. It could be argued that roof replacement is the single most important renovation you can make to your home, as your roof is responsible for protecting everything beneath it.

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof Installation

Fortunately, your roofing company of choice will handle most aspects of this major project, such as removing the old roofing, disposing of debris, and installing new shingles and flashing. However, there are a few things that wise homeowners can do to protect their properties and facilitate the roof installation process. By handling these few preparation tasks ahead of the arrival of your roofing team, you can expedite your roofing project and get a high-quality roofing surface. Read on to learn how to prep your home for a new roof installation.

Move Your Vehicles

Though most roofing companies will take care when working on your property, the fact is that there will be a good bit of falling debris during the roof removal portion of your project. Shingles, old flashing, roofing nails, and years of dirt and dust will come raining down, so it's a good idea to move your vehicles away from the home for the duration of the roofing project. Consider parking your car in a neighbor's driveway, or park on the street to keep your car clear of the work being done to your roof.

Remove Wall Hangings

Another wise move to prepare for the arrival of roofers is to survey your home for wall hangings. When roofers are hard at work on top of your house, there will be a lot of bumping, banging, and vibration. That could cause wall hangings to drop and be damaged. That also applies to any precariously placed items on shelves, as the shaking and rattling caused by a team of roofers above your home could be substantial.

Trim Vegetation

If you have limbs overhanging your roof, it's a good idea to trim that vegetation back so that it doesn't slow down roofers as they work. It's also good for future roof maintenance, since overhanging limbs cause an ongoing maintenance concern as well. Also, make sure that you trim back bushes and shrubs at the ground level to give roofers plenty of space to put up ladders.

Cover Items in the Attic

If you store any of your cherished keepsakes or decorations in the attic, you'll want to cover them before roofers arrive to begin work. The force of a roofing crew walking and pounding on the roof surface can cause dust and debris from old roofing materials to fall through into the attic. That dust can damage anything in the attic that isn't uncovered, so it's a good idea to place a drop cloth over anything in the attic that you don't want ruined.

If you follow these few preparation steps, you can ensure that your roof replacement will go smoothly and successfully. To learn more about the preparations you should undertake before a roofing replacement project, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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