Prevent roof damage from wind

Prevent roof damage from wind

Extreme winds can have damaging effects on your Fulton home's roof. Heavy storms and hurricanes put enormous stress on the roof, as well as windows and doors. Roof damage from wind can amount to costly repairs and wreak havoc inside the home due to related water damage. Learn the many damaging effects of extreme winds, and what you can do avoid it.

As winds pick up to dangerous levels, they impact the structure of the home by:

  • Putting positive pressure on the roof, essentially creating an inward pressure on the outer structure.
  • Creating negative pressure on walls that aren't directly exposed to winds and roofs with a lower slope.
  • Pressure changes outdoors puts stress on components of the roof like the eaves, corners and ridges.
  • Tree limbs and other objects can penetrate through the roofing materials.

Homeowners can prevent some—if not all—of the potential roof damage from the wind's suctioning, twisting and uplifting actions by maintaining and fortifying the space. Talk to a roofing contractor about these common contributors to roof damage:

  • The age of the roof. Does your roof need replaced?
  • Roof maintenance. Are you keeping up with replacing loose shingles and preventing moisture problems?
  • Quality roof materials. Is the fascia rotting? Does the flashing leak? Do you need to upgrade shingles to hurricane-resistant ones?
  • Attachments. Are the connective components of the roof able to resist the force of the wind?
  • Structure. Is the roof's structure, including rafters and beams, up to code?

Keeping up with maintenance and replacing damaged or leaky roof components will give your roof a fighting chance during hurricane season. A lasting, durable roof can withstand strong winds and will help you avoid costly repairs due to roof damage from wind.

If you'd like to talk to an expert about preventing roof damage from wind, or you're in need of roof repairs, contact Findlay Roofing today! Make an investment today for your roof's health tomorrow.

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