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Roof leaking? Stop the damage before it’s too late!


Mildew smells.

Home in disrepair.

Is a roof leaking in your Atlanta area home?

Then these are just a few of the signs that you're probably noticing.

Uncovering the source

The first step involved with a roof leaking repair involves finding the source of the leak. You'll want to hire an expert to evaluate your roof, but these are some of the most common causes:

  • Is your roof over the hill? An aging roof is less effective at stopping water from penetrating through it, because the materials are reaching the end of their useful service life.
  • Vents wide open? Sometimes, water accesses the roof through the vents. Plastic vents are vulnerable to cracking, and vent pipe gaskets can leak.
  • Is your roof's slope working against you? A shallow slope encourages shingles to loosen due to the angle that the wind hits the roof. As moisture seeps under the shingle, it penetrates the home.
  • Are you neglecting maintenance? Debris on top of the roof traps moisture underneath, which eventually moves through the roof and into the home's structure.
  • Is the flashing damaged? Loose flashing can't perform the very important job of preventing water from moving through gaps in the roofing materials.
  • Do you avoid cleaning the gutters at all costs? If the gutters become full of old leaves, sticks and dirt, it will block the drainage. Instead, water may back up onto the roof, instead of easily flowing into the gutters — wreaking havoc on the roof.
  • Have you notice some shingles are missing, but haven't done anything about it? Strong winds, hail damage, and other weatherization can loosen shingles, and eventually allow them to blow off the roof, exposing a vulnerability. An exposed roof will become saturated with moisture, damaging the roof over time.

Before the problem leads to significant home damage and a very costly repair, contact Findlay Roofing. Even with a minor roof leaking through the structure, you could end up facing extensive repairs.

We're happy to help with a roof inspection. Just gives us a call today.

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