Roof Replacement Atlanta: Picking Out a New Roof

Roof Replacement Atlanta: Picking Out a New Roof

Are you ready for roof replacement Atlanta style? Picking a new roof is a major decision, but you don't have to make it alone. Professional advice is key to making good decisions. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Roof structure

The roof structure you pick will influence a variety of other important choices you make about your roof. Do you want a flat roof or a slanted roof? What degree of slope do you want? What style of roof do you want? How many separate roof levels would you like?

When you choose gables, attics, porch rooftops and other important roof features, you are making key decisions on how your roof will look…as well as what materials you can use. Different materials are required for flat rooftops compared to slanted roofing. Don't forget that the weight the roof supports is also important: Heavier rooftops or heavy roofing materials may require extra support.

Regulations and codes

What are the roofing codes in your area? Various supports and materials may be required based not only on city laws but also on the codes and conditions of your neighborhood. This can influence the colors, shingles, and shapes that you choose when picking out a roof. If you don't know where to start when it comes to your roofing, that's okay: Experts with experience working on homes in your area can offer valuable advice about any pertinent regulations before you begin. This is also a good opportunity to look into any tax credits you can get for roof replacement Atlanta or on a federal level.


More roofing materials are available today than ever before, so you can pick a roof that exactly matches the style you have in mind, at least with a little research. If you really don't know what kind of material you want, talk with your roofer about your goals. Do you want durable materials that can save you energy? Metal panels or metal shingles may be best. Are you looking for a classic appearance? Wooden shakes or copper will look great. Do you want to save money? Traditional asphalt shingles are affordable, but you still need to decide on shade.

It can be difficult to tell how roof materials will look until after the roof is finished, but a little research can go a long way. Don't be afraid to browse the Internet to see roofs in the style you look, or take a trip around local Georgia neighborhoods for inspiration and insight.


You should try to get a professional estimate for a new roof after making your primary decisions, rather than trying to guess how much it will cost. Every roof is different, and material and labor costs can all vary widely. Roof material costs are typically based on the square foot and labor required. Roof replacement Atlanta costs can also vary based on location and even the time of year, so ask for a precise estimate.

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