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Roof Replacement in Atlanta: Five ways to know it’s time.

Do you know when your roof needs to be replaced? Here are several signs that you may need a roof replacement in Atlanta. Consider replacing your roof before age and damage make problems even more costly.

1. Many broken and worn shingles

A few broken or worn shingles confined to one area - which may happen because of impact damage, for example - may need only limited repairs. But if shingles across your roof are loose or curling, this indicates an old rooftop that needs to be replaced with new materials to protect it. Other signs of a roof past its expiration date are "bald" shingles, where the asphalt has been worn off, giving your shingles a patchy look and showing thick granules where the asphalt has collected.

2. Spreading moisture issues

If you are struggling with multiple leak problems from different sections of your roof, this is a sign that you may need a full roof replacement. If water is finding multiple pathways into your house, something has gone wrong with your roofing materials. Sometimes this happens when old flashing cracks or warps and creates vulnerable access points across your roof. Sometimes it means that your tiles or shingles have started to fail through age.

3. Widespread moss and stains

Another problem old rooftops run into, especially in more humid or wet areas, is creeping moss, mildew, lichen and similar growths. This is bad news for a roof in several ways. The growth encourages pooling moisture, degrades the roof, and adds more weight that the roof may not be able to handle. If moss or a similar growth has taken over a large part of your roof, you should consider a roof replacement in Atlanta.

4. Severe wind damage

A few shingles flying off in a storm may be a minor inconvenience, but some storms are much worse. If high winds have torn off shingles across your roof and caused other damage, waste no time in contacting your roof insurance company and reporting the damage. A full roof replacement in Atlanta is important to avoid ongoing moisture problems the next time it rains.

5. Underlying rot and warping

Sometimes the damage occurs beneath the surface of the roof, where the insulation, felt, and other underlayment materials that rooftops need, degrade. This can be caused by old age and tiny leaks that slowly let moisture in (or, in some locations, bad insect infestations), rotting these materials and warping the roof. When these problems do let themselves be known, it is often in enormous problems like compromised roof structures, sagging rooflines and more. Roof inspections can spot this sort of hidden damage before it grows out of control, but a new roof is the best solution in either case.

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