Roof Standards: Is Your Home up to Code?

Roof Standards: Is Your Home up to Code?

If you’re building a new home or are upgrading an existing roof in Bartow, it’s essential to follow construction codes. More specifically, it’s important to follow roofing codes—as roofing codes change all the time. Why do they change? Experts find new ways to ensure a more durable and cost-effective roof. Roofing codes are ultimately created for the homeowner’s benefit. If you hire a reputable expert to work on your roof, you shouldn’t have to worry about not being up to code.

Roofing Codes up Close

Most recently, roofing codes were updated to include one critical component: the drip edge. If you weren’t working with a professional, you may not have known about this code update (and many others like it). Working with a professional will ensure that your new roof meets the building codes (so local authorities will approve the work)—and this will save you money down the road.

More on the Drip Edge

The drip edge is a system that fits between the roof and fascia. Drainage off the roof causes serious risk to the fascia and eventually leads to rotting, insect problems and costly repairs. The drip edge is designed to run along the edges of the gable and eaves. Overlapping pieces of the drip edge extend up the roof deck and below the roof sheathing. As a result, this system will minimize water intrusion. Fasteners keep the drip edge securely fastened to the roof deck, while the underlayment creates a better fit by running over the drip edges that lie at the eaves, and laying under the drip edge at the gables.

For homeowners with shingled roofs – or any other type of roof – ensuring that the project meets roofing codes is the first step toward healthy, lasting, efficient roof. If you’d like to find out more about roofing codes before you start your next project, talk to the experts at Findlay Roofing today! We’re happy to conduct a free at-home inspection of your roof to help you meet current codes.

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