Roof Warning Signs: What to look for when buying a home.

Roof Warning Signs: What to look for when buying a home.

Assessing the condition of a roof is a crucial part of the home buying process. While some minor damage to shingles or flashing is not a huge concern, other problems could hint that a roof is troubled and needs to be replaced. Here are the roof warning signs that deserve your full attention.

  • Blistering shingles. Many problems with roofing materials are related to heat and moisture. Excessive heat can create a blistering effect on shingles that is worth a closer inspection. Poorly insulated attics may be one reason the roofing materials are overheating. Multiple layers of shingles also create an excess of heat that causes blistering.
  • Buckling and curling shingles. The buckling effect may point to poor workmanship by a roofer. When felt is not applied properly, roofing materials will buckle. This problem may be tied to movement in the roof deck. If you see curling in multiple shingles, issues with excess heat and moisture are usually behind it.
  • Ceiling spots. One of the biggest roof warning signs will be apparent inside the home. When you look at the ceiling underneath the home's roof, spots on the ceiling indicate water damage. That means the home's roof has been compromised on one of several levels. If you are interested in buying the home, ask inspectors to check for leaks in the attic and rafters. The chimney and flashing may be damaged and letting in water. On top of the structural issues associated with water damage, mold may be growing where moisture has entered the home.
  • Rotting shingles. Rotting shingles should raise red flags when you are looking for a home in Cherokee County. Although it is a common problem with shingles made with organic materials (i.e., wood), high amounts of moisture in the shingle mat could be the source of the rot. This problem suggests faulty installation and larger problems down the road.
  • Missing granules. Loose granules will wash off newly installed shingles, so the issue should not be a major cause of concern during the home buying process. With an older roof, shingles that are missing granules indicate the roofing is losing its structural integrity and may need replacement.
  • Cracked chimney or damaged flashing. When you see cracks in the chimney or damage to the metal flashing on a roof, it may not indicate a larger problem. Issues arise when damaged flashing has allowed water to leak inside your home. Check for spots on the ceiling and other signs of leakage inside.

Though some minor algae spots and few missing shingles may not be worth your concern, these roof warning signs need to be addressed before you commit to buying a home. Contact Findlay Roofing for a full inspection of any home you are considering.

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