Roofing Terms to Know: Make Conversing with a Roofer Easy

When it comes time to repair or replace a roof, homeowners can feel like they have to speak a different language to understand roofing terms bandied about by roofing experts.

Indeed, there is a bit of a learning curve involved with undertaking a roofing project. But don’t worry. Findlay Roofing is here to give you a quick primer on the roofing terms you’ll need to know to confidently talk to your roofer.

Here’s the guide:

  • Sheathing or deck. The surface underneath the roofing materials (shingles), which is usually plywood or OSB (oriented strand board).
  • Felt. A layer of the roof that rests between the deck and the shingles, this is usually a sheet of asphalt material.
  • Dormer. Usually referring to a window, a dormer is part of the roof’s structure that projects outward from a roof that’s sloped. Projections like these require special consideration to prevent leakage, such as applying flashing around the joints of the roof.
  • Flashing. Metal that’s applied at the joints, projections or intersections of the roof where dormers, pipes or chimneys are located.
  • Drip edge. A strip of metal material that facilitates the runoff of water from the roof that prevents moisture from accessing any of the siding, eaves or deck.
  • Eave. At the end of the roof’s slope, this is the horizontal edge of the roof.
  • Louvers. Ventilation that keeps the area underneath the roof deck at a consistent temperature and free of moisture.
  • Ridge. An area of the roof where sloping surfaces intersect at a high point.
  • Valley. An area of the roof where sloping surface intersect, but at a low point. Essentially, they form a valley.

If you’re still struggling with these roofing terms or you’d like to schedule a free consultation to explore the best options for your roof, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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