Rotting Shingles: Warning signs to notice

Rotting Shingles: Warning signs to notice

Keeping your roof in good condition is a common concern for homeowners from Cherokee County to Fulton County, but it takes regular checkups to make it happen. One thing to watch out for is rotting shingles which point to potential weaknesses in your roof's underlying structure.

Here are the warning signs to look for if you are concerned your roof's shingles are rotting.

Moisture in shingle mats

The cellulose mats that form the base of asphalt shingles are made of organic materials like wood chips and cardboard. As the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) site notes, this organic material is sandwiched between layers of asphalt during production. As a result, protection for the roof structure is dependent on the organic materials staying dry. When moisture manages to creep into shingle mats, you will start to see signs of rot.

Shingles that are rotting show pieces chipping away (in some cases, large chunks of the shingle will fall off). This damage points to excess moisture collecting in the shingle mats. Roofers will assess the damage and try to fix the problem by replacing part or all of the affected shingles. If a large section of your roof has been hit with water damage, you should consider the potential for damage to your home and explore options in roof replacement.

Avoiding rotting shingles

Regular (biannual) inspections of your roof will help you avoid most problems with your roof, but routine surveys of your roof's condition are going to save you even more trouble and expense. After a severe storm or great deal of rain, take a look at your home's roof with a pair of binoculars to identify any shingles that have been damaged. Even if you do not see pieces of shingles chipping away, look for wet spots and other inconsistencies that signal water damage.

When reviewing your roof's condition, it makes sense to look for blistering or curling shingles as well. These conditions often point to heat and moisture problems in your roof or the attic below. Excessive temperatures in a roof without proper ventilation cause major problems, some of which can be attributed to roofs that have two layers of shingles. Multiple layers of shingles may prove resistant to water damage at the start, but this roofing system traps more heat than a single layer of shingles. In the long run, there is no benefit.

Contact Findlay Roofing for a checkup on your roof whenever you see rotting shingles. If you address problems quickly, you can maximize the lifespan of your home's roof.

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