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Save Energy And Money With A New Atlanta Roof

sun-plantIf you are undecided about replacing your existing roof, you should consider the savings that can be offered by a new roof. If your Atlanta roofing contractor builds your new roof using solar reflective shingles, you could save a few dollars on your monthly power bill and you may qualify for a $500 Federal Tax Credit.

Energy Star Roof Shingles Available Through Your Atlanta Roofing Company

Any Atlanta roofing company that works with premium roofing materials is familiar with solar reflective roof shingles. The highest performing reflective shingles carry the Energy Star label, which means they are recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as an effective tool for conserving energy.

In fact, the DOE stated that Energy Star roof products can reduce energy demands by 10-15% during peak air conditioning usage times. Solar reflective shingles accomplish this by reflecting solar radiation, which helps reduce the heat load into your roof, attic and home.

As an added incentive for homeowners to use reflective shingles, the federal government has extended the Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency through the end of 2011. You may qualify for a $500 tax credit if you complete a roof replacement by December 31, 2011 using qualified Energy Star solar reflective roof shingles.

How Do Solar Reflective Roof Shingles Work?

A professional Atlanta roofing contractor knows that the upper layer of mineral shingles are the key to providing solar reflectance for roof shingles. In addition to bringing color and style to your roof, the mineral granules on a shingle protect your home from damage by impact, fire and the intense radiation of the sun.

This is especially true for solar reflective shingles. The mineral granules on reflective shingles have been designed to reflect 25-30% of the sun's radiation. The direct result is that a roof covered by reflective shingles stays cooler during the hot Atlanta summer days.

This produces less heat load into your attic, which means less heat trying to flow into your home.

If your Atlanta roofing contractor is a trained professional, he will be sure to pair the solar reflective shingles with a properly sized and designed roof ventilation system. This will maximize your roof's energy efficiency and help keep your home as cool as possible.

Reflective Roof Shingles Make Your Atlanta Roof Last Even Longer

Longer product life is an added benefit of reflective shingles. By reducing the solar heat load on the underlying asphalt layer, the reflective mineral granules effectively slow the aging process for the asphalt.

In other words, the asphalt in a reflective shingle won't dry out as quickly as a it would in a standard shingle, since it is exposed to less heat. This means it will not develop cracks as quickly and, as a result, will last longer as a protective water barrier for your home.

Get Energy Star Roof Shingles Installed by A Professional Atlanta Roofing Contractor

Findlay Roofing has been building high-quality roofs in the North Georgia area over 15 years. As an active member of the National Roofing Contractors Association, we are always up to date on the latest roof construction methods and roofing materials, including solar reflective shingles.

We encourage you to contact us today, if you would like to learn more about Energy Star reflective roof shingles or the 2011 Federal Tax Credit for Consumer Energy Efficiency.

We will also be happy to provide you with a free roof analysis if you are unsure about the condition of your existing roof.

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