Siding Options That Will Wow Your Neighbors

Siding Options That Will Wow Your Neighbors

If you've never before had to consider siding options for your Henry home, you'll be surprised at the variety of materials from which you can choose. The best siding option for your home depends on your budget, as well as factors like water resistance, ease of installation, energy efficiency, aesthetics and durability. Here's a guide to help you consider from among the best options when residing your home.

Guide to siding options

Horizontal lap siding is a popular choice among homeowners and builders, as it can be constructed from a wide variety of materials like vinyl, cement, cedar or wood. You can also select these materials in a nearly limitless range of colors. Here's how the material selection breaks down:

  • Vinyl. A very tough, durable siding option, vinyl offers homeowners the aesthetics they want - with a huge selection of textures and colors available - and the performance they need. Wear and tear hides well, and you can even choose from finishes that offer the look and feel of wood grain, stone or wood shingles constructed of vinyl. The lightweight materials makes it easy to install, keeping installation cost low. It's even possible to purchase insulated vinyl siding to retrofit an existing home that lacks insulation. Maintenance for the durable siding is minimal. Homeowners should clean the exterior every year with a spray hose.
  • Cement. Also called fiber cement, this siding option is quickly growing in popularity because it's highly durable and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. It's manufactured from wood pulp, clay, cement and sand and constructed to look like stucco, shingles or wood clapboard. Manufacturers create multiple finishes for fiber cement siding and it can be painted too. However, its weight can make it more difficult to install, increasing that cost.
  • Cedar. Similar to wood siding, cedar wood siding is sometimes constructed in the shape of shingles and can be stained a variety of colors. Many homeowners choose natural colors, like grays, browns or earth tones to boost the aesthetic of the home. The siding is also generally more durable than wood, especially when a high-quality stain is applied.
  • Wood. Sought after for its beauty and charming look, wood siding features a warm look and creates a dramatic curb appeal effect. It's possible to purchase multiple grades of wood to match your budget and you can finish the wood with a clear seal or stain. The siding lasts for many decades; however, it requires significant upkeep to maintain its finish.

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