Siding styles: Picking the perfect design for your house

Siding styles: Picking the perfect design for your house

Ready to choose the best siding for your Fulton home? To choose the perfect siding styles, you have to consider what designs are possible and how you can use them. These popular types of siding are available in a variety of materials, colors and potential combinations.

Board and batten

Board and batten siding is made of vertical panels that can extend the full length or a portion of your house exterior. These panels, or boards, are divided through smaller strips of trim, almost always painted the same color. This gives your house a pleasant, traditional look suitable for ranch and other traditional styles of home. The most common material used in board and batt is wood.

Lap (bevel)

Lap or bevel siding uses long, horizontal strips that overlap each other as they descend down the house. Because it can be made from so many materials and goes well with so many different styles, lap siding is one of the most popular choices around. Remember, when considering siding styles you can combine different types of siding to create various effects. One of the most popular combinations is board and batten with lap. Typically board and batt is used at the top of the house, while lap is used toward the bottom.

Shake (shingle)

Shake or shingle siding is simply a shingle pattern applied to your house exterior. Shake siding is almost always made out of wood, especially unpainted wood that gives your house a more natural, cabin-like look. Shake siding is a popular option for upper-area siding and gables, but it is often susceptible to moisture damage.

Full board

Full board siding is just what it sounds like — a full sheet of painted wood installed on your home's exterior. Full board can work well in certain sections, especially if you have odd windows or corners that need some special treatment. However, you may not want to use full board across your whole house.


Veneer siding styles use a thin covering of a material, typically stone or brick, to give the appearance that the entire piece of siding is made from that material. This is particularly common when it comes to lower strips of siding that run down to the foundation. Installation is especially important with veneer siding, because it requires skilled work with matting and adhesives to prevent future moisture problems.


Stucco is the cement-like mix applied to houses in a uniform pattern. You probably recognize this style from its use in mission-, Spanish- and Mediterranean-style homes. It can be successfully used in a variety of colors but does not mix well with other types of siding.

Contact a professional, like Findlay Roofing, if you have any questions about choosing siding styles for your home.

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