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The Best Siding Options for Long-Term Durability

When you choose a siding, you want it to last. But what siding can give you the most years for your money? Here are some of the best siding options for durability.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement siding is a strong mix of wood fibers and Portland cement, which is then molded into board shapes that resemble traditional wooden boards but are much stronger and more durable. It can be difficult to spot fiber cement siding just by looking at it, because it can seem like wood or vinyl at first glance. However, up close its tough, unyielding surface becomes obvious.

This siding is not only fireproof, but also completely resistant to rot, termites and temperature changes. Storms rarely damage it, and paint soaks deep into the fibers, allowing it to keep its color for many years without needing to be repainted. This is a great option if you still want the appearance of traditional siding but other options keep getting damaged in your area.


The idea of metal siding may sound a little strange at first, but steel and aluminum siding is growing increasingly common as the coatings improve and give these metal panels a clean, natural look. Both steel and aluminum have advantages. Steel is heavier and tougher, allowing it to weather storms and accidents more easily, but it can rust in the presence of moisture if its protective coatings wear down. Aluminum doesn't oxidize in the same way, but it is lightweight and more susceptible to direct damage.

Modern Stucco

Stucco is a cement-like substance that is coated onto a wire mesh frame. Most modern stucco siding options also use an exterior polymer coat for added protection. The combination makes stucco a very durable material for a house. Some cracking might occur with age, but otherwise this type of siding will last for many years and rarely, if at all, need to be painted. However, keep in mind that stucco is closely associated with certain styles of home, especially Mediterranean and Spanish-influence homes.


It should be obvious why stone siding options are such a durable option for house siding. Stone and similar materials like brick have some of the best longevity in the siding world. However, it is difficult to suddenly switch to stone when replacing siding, since it also tends to act as a key building component.

There are several ways around this. Many modern homes use stone and brick in only certain locations where it may be easy to create an addition. Others choose stone veneers, which do not have the same longevity but can still last for years if properly installed.


Vinyl materials are not necessarily known for their longevity. However, in a mild climate with modern vinyl that has been properly installed, this siding does have good longevity and will beat out options like wood. The plastic resins that vinyl siding uses are highly resistant to damage and aging, and provide a cheaper alternative to other materials.

If you are switching your siding up or building a new home, contact the siding experts at Findlay Roofing. They are eager to help you pick what is best for your home.

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