Tips for Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

Tips for Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

Having trouble picking out your roof shingle colors?

Homeowners usually try to pick a roof shade that will match their siding, but this is not always as easy as it sounds.

Here are several tips on selecting the most complementary colors.

Darker, muted colors usually work best

When in doubt, go for darker shingles. Dark gray or black shingles tend to go with any siding color well and will not detract from any other features of your landscape: There's a good reason dark rooftops are so popular. If you are having trouble deciding what color of tiles or shingles to buy, go with the darker option.

However, there are a couple exceptions to this general rule. Designer Maria Killam points out that while black shingles look great on many homes, if you have a lot of roof space going too dark will give your house a creepy manor appearance and black shingles should be avoided. Also, take a look at the other homes in your area. If all the houses around you have lighter or gray shingles, going too dark is going to make your home stand out unpleasantly.

Do not be afraid to match your ornamentation

Siding is important, but not the only consideration when picking roof shingle colors. Keep an eye on your gutters, trim and other ornamentation. If you use a lot of copper around your house, a copper roof could be the ideal solution to tie your whole house together in a classic style. It's also worth considering areas of your house where color will never change. Brick and stone in particular will stay the same, while you can always paint your trim and siding different colors. In some cases, matching these permanent parts of your home may be the most important consideration.

Match nature colors

If you have considered darker roof shingle colors and your ornamentation, but still aren't sure, take a look at your surroundings. Another excellent idea is matching the type of natural colors you see around you. One of the reasons (in addition to heat protection) that clay tile rooftops are so popular in arid climates is that they match that environment well. Cottage style rooftops fit well in certain settings, as do metal rooftops and shingles in a variety of colors. Pick siding and roof shades that match your surroundings to feel confident in your decision.

Follow themes

If you consult a professional, you can probably find a number of different color schemes to choose from that will let you match roof, trim and siding in the best ways. Asking for several of these schemes can quickly expand your options.

Know your climate

Do you get a lot of rain, or a lot of sun? Rain will make your roof look darker until it dries out. Lots of sunlight, meanwhile, may indicate that you can save extra energy but using whiter shingles that reflect heat.

The experts at Findlay roofing would love to help you decide. Give them a call today.

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