Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life Span

Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life Span

A new roof is a significant investment for any homeowner. For that reason, many people want to postpone roof replacement for as long as possible to save money and get the most bang for their roofing buck. While an average asphalt roof can be expected to last 20 years on average, that roofing surface is subjected to extreme circumstances and environmental forces over those two decades. That, combined with neglect, can result in premature wear that can endanger the integrity of your home and everything under your roof.

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Though it's true that your roof has a finite life span, there are some things you can do to wring out the maximum service life from your roof. Over your lifetime, these maintenance and upkeep tasks can save you the cost of a new roof; the longer each new roof lasts, the fewer times it will need to be replaced. Keep reading to learn about a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you get the maximum service life from your roof, no matter what type of roof you have.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters fulfill a vital purpose as part of your overall roofing system. They keep you from getting dripped upon when walking beneath an overhanging soffit, and they can protect the ground below your dripline from erosion. However, they also help to channel water efficiently off your roofing surface, which prevents leaks and other negative outcomes—unless, of course, those gutters become clogged with leaves, twig, and debris. In that case, they cause problems for the roof by holding moisture against the facia and roof dripline, which can lead to rot and other structural damage. It's important to keep gutters clean to prevent that outcome.

Trim Nearby Vegetation

While it may be nice to have trees shading your home during the summer months, you must be wary of the damage that can be done when vegetation rubs against the roof. A limb that may not normally touch your roof may bang into the surface with great force during strong winds. Also, overhanging limbs can pose a falling hazard. Weak or damaged limbs can fall on your home and cause significant damage. It's a good idea to trim all vegetation that's within reach of the roof and routinely remove overhanging dead wood to prevent roof damage.

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Remove Debris Promptly

If you do have trees that overhang your roof, there's another maintenance task that's critical to roof health. Leaves, pine needles, and twigs will routinely fall on your roof, and over time, they can accumulate. Don't let that happen because that debris can severely undermine the integrity of the roof by degrading the roofing surface with constant exposure to moisture, adding to the weight of your roof, and preventing the efficient flow of water off the roofing surface. You need to regularly remove any organic material from your roof to prevent this considerable damage that will shorten your roof's life span.

Get Regular Inspections

As a homeowner, you probably don't have the trained eye it takes to assess developing roofing issues and provide a remedy. However, a professional roofing inspector can look at critical components of your roof and help you head off minor problems that could turn into bigger issues if left unattended. It's important to have a roof inspection once a year to keep tabs on developing issues and provide remediation that can extend the life of your roof.

Your roof can provide you with decades of protection from the elements, but only if you do your part to take good care of it. To learn more tips for prolonging the life span of your roof, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-5806.

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