Top 5 Spring Roof Issues

Top 5 Spring Roof Issues

Winter’s over, the days are getting brighter, and the last thing homeowners want are new spring roof issues to deal with. Spring is a vital time for rooftop health, because roofs are recovering from winter conditions while dealing with spring rain and related problems, just like we saw plenty of this week! Here are the top five dangers spring brings to your roof, so make sure you are prepared!

1. Damage from Trapped Moisture

Spring sees a lot of new plant growth, while older leaves or needles may still be trapped on rooftops from last fall. The combination can create a lot of matted debris in gutters and on low-sloping rooftops that trap moisture for long period of time. Meanwhile, shingles already bombarded by winter weather (which can include damaging winds and ice), now have to deal with a deluge of spring rainstorms. It’s no surprise, then, that moisture damage is a common cause of spring roof issues. That’s why it’s so important to quickly repair any roof problems.

2. Failed Sealants

Many building materials contract slightly in the cold and expand slightly in the heat. For more delicate materials, this can cause problems over time. We see sealants, which protect rooftop flashing, crack and warp until gaps form. This separation allows water to sneak in and damage the flashing even more. The problem here is that sealants are difficult to examine unless you get up close to roofing materials, which is why a professional inspection may be a good idea for older roofs in the spring.

3. Cracked Membranes and Underlayments

A mix of long periods of moisture and rapidly changing temperatures can also harm roof membranes, those layers under your shingles that are meant to keep moisture from traveling any further. Older membranes may give up in the winter and develop dangerous cracks that spring rainstorms exploit. In other words, you notice leaks inside your home. It’s important to get these leaks fixed ASAP since they give water, insects and (if allowed to grow), rodents access to structural materials and insulation. Findlay Roofing can help with these important projects.

4. Curling Shingles

Shingles, especially if you have had freezing weather, can split and warp, especially at the edges of your roof. Spring is a great time to take a look at these edges and see if they are uneven, split, or curled. You may need to clean your gutters for a good look, but that’s another great spring project!

5. Pest Issues

Animals and insects are busy recovering from hibernation, looking for food, and creating nests as spring continues. As you can imagine, your roof and attic are common targets, which means a lot of pest problems start in spring. Be wary of ants, squirrels, racoons, termites, birds and other creatures that can damage your roof, chimney and eaves. These pests will use any hole they can find – or, in the case of birds, nest in any spot they find. Use guards to protect vulnerable parts of your roof from spring roof issues.

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