Uneven Roof

Uneven Roof? Here’s What to Do

Uneven Roof

Unfortunately, for homeowners in Clayton and beyond, uneven roofs are often an indication that more serious problems are occurring. For example, if the roof is drooping or sagging, structural issues may be the culprit—and structural issues usually require a big, costly repair.

Identifying the Problem

You may be able to tell if a roof is extremely uneven from an exterior position. However, less subtle and initial problems may not be so easily detected by the naked eye or a nonprofessional. You should have the roof checked out by a roofing professional. They will assess the roof's true condition and will determine if you do, indeed, have an uneven roof.

Some of the factors that a roofing expert will evaluate include:

  • The Foundation: In some cases, the problem may begin with a crooked foundation. Perhaps the ground has shifted or the foundation itself has cracked. The ripple effect of these issues will impact the roof, where you'll see sagging, a tilting roof line or an uneven roof ridge.
  • The Roof: If you're lucky, the uneven roof will be caused by something that requires a simple fix - such as a construction mistake or an installation error. For instance, if the home's gutters are crooked, they'll make the roof look uneven. You can easily rectify the situation by making adjustments to the gutters. It's also possible that the shingles are contributing to the problem. If they weren't installed correctly or if they've become loose, you may see a wonky roof line. A roofing professional should be able to easily resolve these common problems.

Don't leave an uneven roof unchecked. If the problem is significant and stems from the foundation, there's no time to waste. Even if the issue can be easily fixed, you'll want to get on it right away to prevent it from snowballing into a more significant and costly one.

Get help from the professionals at Findlay Roofing. No matter the roofing problem, we can help you get your roof back on the right track.

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