Ventilation: Ridge Vents v. Spiral Air Ducts


The ventilation in your attic space depends on a system of "vents" that line the eaves and ridges of your roof. Air ducts typically run through the attic, providing a way to deliver conditioned air to the home's living space. Here's the rundown on the roles ridge vents and spiral air vents play and where to use them in your Cherokee home.

Ridge Vents

Without sufficient attic ventilation, your home will succumb to serious issues, such as:

  • Moisture in the attic.
  • Warped sheathing (or the decking boards to the roof).
  • Shingles that age faster.
  • A shorter roof life span.

When the attic is properly ventilated, a continuous flow of air from the outdoors will enter into and leave the attic. This is a process that's key to the attic's health. Because hot air will always rise to the topic of the attic, ridge vents let the air - and moisture - escape. Once the hot air leaves the attic, it will pull outside air (which is typically cooler than the air inside the attic) along the lower portions of the roof. These vents are called soffit vents. They're generally positioned under the overhang or the eaves of the roof.

Spiral Air Ducts

Nothing can replace the ridge venting system in your attic—not even spiral air ducts. However, homeowners are turning to these clever systems for a number of reasons:

  • They reduce operating costs.
  • They leak less than square ducts, bypassing the connections that standard systems require.
  • They maintain a more even airflow through the HVAC system.
  • They cost less than standard ductwork.
  • They don't trap as much dust as standard materials. As a result, they stay cleaner and are easier to clean.
  • They are easier to install, and therefore cost less to install.
  • They last longer.

To keep your roof healthy, talk to your local roof specialists at Findlay Roofing about your ridge vents. If it's time to replace ductwork, or if you're installing ducts in a new home, contact us for more information about spiral air ducts.

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