Warped Cement Siding: How to Deal With the Problem

Warped Cement Siding: How to Deal With the Problem

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but if you have warped cement siding, your house may be judged for it. The question is should you repair or replace your siding? Here are the best materials and options to correct warped cement board siding.

Fiber Cement Siding

Over the past century, fiber cement siding has become one of the most popular options for siding that resists rot, ants, fire and even the occasional golf ball-sized Georgia hail storm.

Though cement fiber siding can last for many decades, occasionally, even fiber cement may have problems. Rarely, especially in humid climates, cement siding may warp.

Why Not Wood or Vinyl?

Fiber cement siding is a durable siding option, lasting far longer than the alternatives. Wood siding may look wonderful for a few years. But after several Georgia summers, your wooden panels may be so warped that moisture could leak into your home and wood requires regular maintenance and painting.

While vinyl has come a long way in recent years, it is still not as aesthetically pleasing as cement siding. Most people prefer the look of cement fiber siding compared to vinyl.

Vinyl may also require additional maintenance compared to cement board siding. Paint can chip from vinyl siding in the heat, and vinyl may melt if a grill is placed to close to your home or if your neighbor's windows reflect direct sunlight on sections of your home.

Options for Repairing Warped Cement Siding

Due to liability concerns and practicality, it is generally better to replace warped cement siding rather than to repair it. The removal process for fiber cement siding essentially mirrors the installation process, and you will need to hire a siding professional for the installation. However, if siding boards have simply become loose over time, it may be possible to repair the loose siding boards.

Additional causes for warped siding include structural issues such as missing studs, improper nail placement or using the wrong nails during installation. Siding specialist such as Findlay Roofing can inspect your cement plank siding to determine the reason your siding appears warped and the best way to correct the problem.

If you notice imperfections or issues with your cement siding, contact Findlay Roofing today. Their skilled professionals can diagnose and correct any cement siding issues.

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