What Roofing Materials Fit Your Style — Traditional, Classic or Modern?

What Roofing Materials Fit Your Style — Traditional, Classic or Modern?

Picking out roof materials is a big decision: Not only will your roof's appearance last for years, but the right materials will also affect the safety and durability of your rooftop as the seasons pass.

Let's take a look at three general categories for roofing styles - traditional, classic and modern.

Traditional roofing materials

Traditional roof materials are those seen most often on homes in North America and across the rest of the world. Asphalt shingles are a particularly popular option for residential buildings, and with a lifespan of around 25 years and prices around $50 per square foot, asphalt shingles offer some of the most benefits for their price.

Another traditional roof material is the clay tile, which is easy to manufacture and continues to be used in many corners of the world. Clay tiles have an easily recognized reddish color and are widely known for their resistance to heat. Clay tiles are used most often on Italian and Spanish-style homes, but flatter, more traditionally-shaped tiles may work well a wide variety of homes.

Classic roofing materials

Classic materials may not be as popular as they once were, but they are still great for adding a classic look to your home or working on a restoration project. Wood shakes and shingles are a popular option in this category, as they provide a warm, old-time look on any home (especially cottages, bungalows, and similar styles). However, options like beautiful cedar shingles do cost around twice as much as asphalt shingles, and sometimes struggle at resisting moisture and bad weather.

Copper roofing is another traditional option often used in restoration projects or when giving a house a particularly distinctive, ornate design. This metal will quickly develop a patina and even newer rooftops look like they have been there for years, while still retaining durability.

Modern roofing materials

Metal, slate and synthetic stone are all popular options for modern roof styles. These are some of the most expensive roof materials around, but if you want your roofing to stand out, they offer plenty of possibilities. There is also quite a lot of variety in coloring and shading, thanks to different types of metal (steel, aluminum, etc.), and coatings that can add new shades or resemble other materials. Concrete and polymer options are particular flexible when it comes to looking like real stone or metal.

Slate, meanwhile, is one of the heaviest and most expensive roofing options, but it also offers some of the best durability and a rich, beautiful roof appearance with natural shading that cannot be beaten.

Which option works best for you depends not only on your preference, but also on the type of roof that you have. Allow Findlay Roofing to help you make a decision.

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