What's the Best Type of Roof Material for Your Home

What's the Best Type of Roof Material for Your Home

You trust your roof to protect you and your belongings from the elements. Therefore, when getting a roof replacement, it's important that you get the best materials that fall within your budget to ensure you get a quality roof that will perform for years to come. There is a wide range of materials commonly found on residential roofs, which can make choosing the right one difficult. However, the roof isn't just a functional element, as it also plays a role in the overall aesthetic of your home as well. That further compounds your choice when attempting to determine which roofing material is best for you.

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Before you can decide what type of roofing material you need, you need to consider a few criteria that can shape your selection. Budget is a key consideration, as is the lifespan of the roofing material you're considering. The weight of roofing material can play a role in your decision as well, as can its appearance. Before you can make an informed decision about which roofing material is best for your home, you must understand your options. Keep reading to find out how to decide which roofing material is right for your home.


The first consideration for many people is their bottom line, as you can't install roofing that you can't afford. Therefore, it's important to consider the cost of various roofing materials and how they fit into your budget. For example, you may long for slate roofing tiles to dress up your home's curb appeal. However, they are expensive, and they require a considerable amount of structural work during installation to bear their additional weight. However, asphalt architectural shingles represent an affordable option that can replicate the look of slate at a much lighter weight. When considering the cost of a new roof, you must also account for labor costs, as well as roof removal and disposal costs.


Style is another important consideration when deciding which roofing material is right for your home. For example, you wouldn't necessarily want to stick Mediterranean tile roofing on a sleek modern home, as those two aesthetics would clash. Likewise, a brightly colored metal roof may look somewhat silly on a rustic cottage. Think about what roofing types are traditionally paired with the style of your home. That doesn't mean you must stick with the same roofing material to get the desired look, however, as asphalt shingles can replicate almost any type of roofing material in appearance.


Another factor in choosing the right roofing material is a practical one, as the accumulated weight of a roof can be tremendous. For materials such as terracotta tile and slate, the structure of the roof must be robust enough to bear the full weight of the roof. Asphalt and metal shingles are much lighter and don't require additional structural reinforcement in most cases. If you plan to move from a lighter roofing material to a heavier one, you'll need to factor the additional structural support into your roofing cost.


Durability is another key consideration when selecting the right roofing material. Your roof is exposed to a constant barrage from nature, as it must endure wind, precipitation, and powerful UV light. Some roofing materials fare better in the constant battle with the elements than others. For example, a basic 3-tab shingle can last up to 20 years, while architectural asphalt shingles can endure 30 or more years. Metal roofing has an average lifespan of 40-50 years, and materials such as slate can remain intact for 100 years or more. Different roofing materials also have differing levels of resiliency when it comes to severe weather, so be sure to understand guarantees and warranties offered by manufacturers.

Choosing the right roofing material can be difficult given the broad range of options to consider. However, by focusing on these roofing characteristics, you can determine which material makes the most sense for your home. To learn more about deciding which roofing material is right for you, contact Findlay Roofing at (770) 516-580.

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