When Replacing a Roof Is the Answer

When Replacing a Roof Is the Answer

If you are thinking about replacing a roof, break out the calculator.

Roof replacement is one of the most costly home-improvement projects — save for adding onto your home or remodeling a large section of it — you'll need to do some careful calculations with an expert's help to determine the cost-effectiveness of the job.

You'll also need to assess the roof's condition and problems to answer the question, should I repair or replace the roof on my Atlanta-area home?

When should you repair a roof?

Repair is usually necessary when:

  • The damage is isolated to a very small area.
  • The roof is relatively new.
  • The problem involves a few damaged or missing shingles, and you have some of the original shingles on hand for a seamless repair.
  • The roof leaks in a tiny area, and the damage is not widespread.
  • If your roof is constructed of slate, tile or metal, these materials are very durable and costly. Repair is often the best first course of action.
  • If you're planning on moving soon, and don't want to invest the money in a new roof, repair it. However, keep in mind that a home with an old roof is not attractive to buyers.

When should you replace a roof?

Often, as roofing problems spiral or are left unchecked, replacing a roof is the better option.

  • If the roof is old, nearing its useful life span, it is better to replace it.
  • If the roof leaks in a lot of areas, and you're unsure of where or why the problem is happening, replace it.
  • If the roof is middle aged, run the numbers with a roofing expert to evaluate the perks of a full roof replacement. Often, this is the better option if the damage is widespread and sustained, many shingles are affected by weather damage, and/or leaks are penetrating through the structure and damaging it.

The roof over your head creates a reliable, safe structure for your household. Investing in its future often means deliberating over the difficult question of when to repair or replace the roof. For expert help replacing a roof, or to inquire about repairs, contact Findlay Roofing today.

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