Why Spring Is a Great Time for Roof Inspection

Why Spring Is a Great Time for Roof Inspection

Are the tiles or shingles on your roof looking a bit off-kilter? From out of uniform roofing tiles to ceiling water spots and sagging, you may be reading the signs and thinking that it's time for a roof inspection and some professional TLC to set things right—especially after the hard Atlanta winter. Here's why spring is the perfect time to get your roof checked out and, if needed, repaired.

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Post-Winter Assessment and Recovery

With the winter season over, it means this abnormal season of strong cold and a touch of snow is coming to an end. It also means that the damage caused by abnormal weather patterns to your home are completely behind us, and the healing can begin for your roof.

Leaks, water damage, infrastructure issues, or loose shingling are all issues that an inspection can assess to ensure that your roof not only looks good, but is safely doing what it's meant to do in protecting your home. If you have noticed specific damage issues or if you just want to make sure that your roof made it through this crazy winter in good shape, an inspection is due. This is also a great time to get any built-up debris, like leaves or fallen sticks in difficult-to-reach places, removed from your roof. A clean roof and gutters means better structural integrity for your roof.

Perfect Conditions for Safe, Speedy Installations and Repairs

With the woes of winter behind, it means that spring is the perfect season to safely and effectively perform inspection and repairs on your roof while avoiding any potential further damage. The worst is over! It's time to assess damage and move forward.

Spring is a drier, warmer season, without being blazing hot, providing the mildest conditions for roofing inspectors to come perform inspections and repairs. From a liability standpoint, it's always important to work with roofers who are fully insured to cover their own workplace accidents. However, it can still be a consideration for their safety, as well as to ensure an expedient repair for you, letting you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible while still getting a quality repair.

Also, roofing work performed during a dry, mild season will allow for repairs to be sturdy, lasting, and effective—and it will prevent any potential, unwanted weather damage if those repairs are more extensive or require an entire roof replacement.

Beat Others to the Punch, Get Repairs Done Faster

Extensive repair and replacement for roofing are more commonly scheduled during the hotter months of the year, so opting to get your repairs performed in early spring will put you ahead of the curve in terms of wait times. You won't be waiting on a long list of previous roofing repair clients to get served before you're taken care of, but will likely get your survey and estimate performed swiftly, with your repair completed in a fast and timely manner—as long as you're partnering with a reputable repairman!

With springtime rolling around, it's time to consider finding the right roofing repair specialist. Let Findlay Roofing get you on the right track this spring, so that you can kick back and enjoy that smooth transition into sweet summertime.

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