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What Should I Do if My Roof Starts Leaking?

Is My Roof Leaking? Steps to Take and Insurance Coverage for Roof Leaks

A roof leak is one of the worst nightmares of a homeowner. When you first notice the leak, it can be difficult to determine the extent of the damage, and your initial reaction would be my roof is leaking; what can I do? Well, yes, roof damage repair can be pricey, but it's critical to know what to do so that you can cure the problem as soon as possible.

Your roof may be missing shingles, require new flashing, or repair with roof sealant, tar, or caulk. Small leaks might easily become large leaks. When you notice that your roof is leaking, responding as soon as possible is ideal - especially if there's a risk of water damage. The longer you delay, the more damage will be done. You can limit damage from a leaky roof by removing objects from the surrounding area, capturing the water, puncturing the ceiling, and looking at the damages.

How to Understand If My Roof Is Leaking?

Signs of a roof leak include water drops or dark patches on the ceiling. Pinpointing the entry point can be tricky as water can travel along surfaces. Missing flashing or cracked shingles might be the culprit, allowing water into your attic. Ignoring warning signs can lead to significant damage.

Ice dams are another issue. They form from thawing and refreezing snow, causing water to back up behind shingles. Contact a roofing firm such as Findlay Roofing for skilled roof leak repair. They'll inspect your roof from both the outside of the roof and the inside of your home, usually through the attic.

What Should I Do if My Roof Starts Leaking?

Steps to Stop Roof Leaks and Drain Water from the Roof:

  1. Contain the Drip: Place a bucket under the leak to prevent water damage on the floor. For noise reduction, add a board to let water drip quietly.

  1. Ensure Safety: Move electronics away from the leak area, and unplug nearby devices to eliminate fire risks.

  1. Address Bulging Ceilings: Puncturing sagging bulges in the ceiling is crucial. Without intervention, trapped water could cause further harm.

  1. Drain Water Safely: For significant leaks, puncture with a screwdriver or sharp tool to release pooled water. Keep a bucket ready to drain water from the roof .

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

  • Coverage for Weather Damage: Roofs damaged by intense weather like hail storms, tornadoes, snowstorms, and straight-line winds are typically included in the coverage.

  • Protection from Falling Trees: Your insurance can also cover damage from tree limbs falling onto the roof during severe storms.

  • Exclusions: Normal wear and tear or aging-related roof leaks usually aren't covered by homeowners insurance.

  • Insurance Adjuster's Role: Claims depend on the insurance adjuster's inspection findings. If the damage results from extreme weather, your insurance will likely cover it.

  • Preventive Measures: Regular roof inspections and maintenance can help prevent leaks. Recommended twice a year, they enable timely repairs before extensive damage occurs.

How Can Findlay Roofing Help With Your Roof Repair Services?

With over 25 years of experience, Findlay Roofing is your trusted partner for comprehensive roof repair services . Our dedicated team excels in assessing whether your roof requires repair or replacement, making the decision-making process seamless. Serving the Atlanta region since 1995, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail. Count on us to guide you toward the best solution for your home. Beyond repairs, we meticulously inspect for mold and moisture-related issues, ensuring a thorough restoration. Contact Findlay Roofing today to experience top-notch expertise and restore your roof to its prime condition. Your reliable roofing solution awaits - call us now.

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