6 Reasons to Choose Quality Shingles

6 Reasons to Choose Quality Shingles

Among the top priorities on any homeowner's home-improvement list are roofs and the materials that protect them. The top choice is shingles: An American invention dating back to the early 20th century. Why are shingles so popular? For starters, they are highly effective at blocking the ultraviolet rays that can hurt the integrity of your roof.

But not all shingles are created equal. That's why it's crucial to invest in high-quality shingles. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing the best protection possible for your home and roof.

1. Versatility

Architectural shingles are among the best shingles on the market. Their dense fiberglass base and the ceramic shield of the mineral granules ensure that moisture hitting your roof will have a hard time causing any damage. This and their versatility, such as the option to install them at many angles, give your roof an elegant, attractive appearance.

2. Fire Protection

Fires can be disastrous, and no one wants to think about one happening in their home. Thankfully, best-in-quality architectural shingles are rated Class A for fire protection, the highest class. This designation means they provide the best protection against potential penetration and spread of flames.

3. Design Options

Perhaps the most popular shingle type on the market, architectural shingles, come in various styles to please virtually every homeowner. You can choose from several attractive styles, colors and designs to find the one that looks best for your home and neighborhood. Plus, they are often the most affordable.

4. Sound Protection

Do you have loud neighbors? Well, here's some good news if you invest in quality shingles: Thanks to an asphalt base, these shingles help reduce external noises that would otherwise disrupt your home. That means the noisy party next door won't disrupt your sleep the way it used to.

5. Wind Resistance

Almost anywhere in the Atlanta metro area can be subject to high winds. And anyone who's experienced high winds knows that their roof can be the primary victim. The high quality of architectural shingles provides adequate protection, with most brands testing Class F wind speeds of 110 mph to 130 mph. That means you can stress less and sleep more during the next Georgia windstorm.

6. Ease of Installation

It's hard to find a product that is both high quality and also easy to install. Architectural shingles are almost always the quickest to install, which can significantly lower your contractor costs.

The quality of shingles is not just about what they're made of, but also who installs them. This is true whether you live in Gwinnett, Henry or other counties in the Atlanta metro area. Whether you're seeking a new design on your roof or better weather resistance for your home, investing in quality shingles is a great place to start. Contact our professional staff at Findlay Roofing today to learn more about our roof repair and replacement services.

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