Are Rotted Areas of the Roof Making Your Home Unsafe?

Are Rotted Areas of the Roof Making Your Home Unsafe?

Because of the way roofs are shaped, overhangs and the areas beneath them are especially susceptible to water damage. Weathered elements in these areas can quickly end up with rot, mildew and infestations that need to be controlled. Here is how to act when faced with rotted spots beneath your roof:

Causes of Rotted Roofing

Water that runs down the slope of a roof can stick on the roof's underside when clogged gutters or previous damage make the area vulnerable. Debris like pine straw, pine cones, leaves, tree branches and twigs stick in gutters and trap moisture. This moisture leads to rotting. Regular gutter cleanings help relieve some of the effects of a rough season (like the seasons Cherokee County has faced). However, windy gutter paths may lead to blockages nonetheless.

Once there are rotted areas on the roof's underside, the structure becomes vulnerable to any type of moisture. Mildew and mold may form inside the roof deck when there's rot, and this situation can lead to health problems. This can also cause huge structural damage to homes. What's worse? Birds, squirrels and dangerous insects like to nest in these places underneath the overhang.

Addressing the Damage

Roofers have to replace any rotted elements of a home's roof deck in order to correct the situation. Leaving deteriorated wood or vermin in areas of the structure breeds unsafe conditions for the home's residents as well as the home's structure.

However, rot may be only a symptom of a more widespread problem.

If rain water cannot flow freely through the gutters, repairing the roof's wood will serve only as a temporary fix. Gutter cleaning and repair are often necessary elements of the process. A professional will suggest ways to allow water to flow through the gutters smoothly—depending on the slope of your roof and path to the downspout outside the home.

Contact Findlay for a full repair and protect against rot and damage.

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