How Can Pine Straw Damage Your Roof? Here’s What You Should Know.

How Can Pine Straw Damage Your Roof? Here’s What You Should Know.

While you might notice pine needles and straw shedding from area trees in the fall, it's common for Atlanta area homeowners to notice pine debris on your property year-round. Combined with the effects of heavy storms, your home risks the most from these trees during the winter and spring. Here is how pine straw damage can affect your roof and how you can avoid the impact.

The pine straw effect

Since many types of pine trees are native to Georgia, you are bound to encounter the cones, straw and needles on your roof or property at large. While pine debris can serve as a natural fertilizer, the straw that lands on your roof mainly serves to impact your home in a negative way.

As with other debris that gets caught in gutters and stuck in roof slopes, the problems are related to moisture. Pine straw and needles will clog your gutters when left unattended. Since your gutters allow water to escape your roof, pine straw allows the moisture to remain on top of a home. Whether blocking gutters or clumping in wet patches on your roof, this moisture will rot shingles over time. Pine straw may also wedge underneath shingles and other roofing, which allows a space for water to enter.

Protecting against pine straw damage

Having a professional roofer check your home in the fall or after major storms is a good way to ensure your roof is not vulnerable to damage from pine tree straw and other debris. Regular gutter cleaning will take care of any blocks in water flow. As for other damage you might find from pine trees, checking on the condition of your shingles should do the trick.

Chipped, curling or blistering shingles are warning signs on a roof. Noticing rotting shingles is the first step toward avoiding major problems down the road. By periodically checking your roof with the help of binoculars, you can pick up on potential problems. Address these issues when a roofer comes to your home to perform regular maintenance. In the long run, you could save tens of thousands of dollars with preventive maintenance.

Contact Findlay Roofing for a roof analysis. Avoiding pine straw damage and other major problems usually takes a small amount of maintenance in the hands of roofing professionals.

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