Battling the Effects of Melting Ice On Your Roof

Battling the Effects of Melting Ice On Your Roof

Whether or not the Atlanta area sees much snow in winter, ice can collect on a poorly maintained roof whenever temperatures hit the freezing point. Consider it a warning sign that points to flaws in attic insulation, ventilation or another aspect of the roofing system. Here is help avoiding the effects of melting ice that can shorten the life of your roof.

Winter's impact on roofing

During the winter months, the average home in Sandy Springs will have the heat running constantly. This climate control is a necessary part of interior comfort, but the heat should stop at the entry to your attic. Without proper insulation on the attic floor, heat will travel through to the roof, where it melts snow in an uneven fashion. From there, the running water will form icicles on gutters at the roof's edge.

Clogged gutters are another reason why you might see ice dams forming and icicles lining your roof. Without proper gutter cleaning in winter, fallen leaves and other bits of debris will stop the flow of rainfall and snow from the roof. Once the overflow hits a cold patch, ice will form on the gutters and increase the likelihood of leaks.

Preventing effects of melting ice

Professional roofers will check on the state of attic insulation and ventilation when performing maintenance on your home. Keeping the temperature of a roof down in winter is important to avoid the negative impact of harsh weather. Besides proper insulation for the attic floor, roofers will check vents to make sure air is traveling through your attic and the heated air is flowing outside your home.

Inexperienced roofers may have restricted the airflow in your attic with insulation that blocks soffit vents. Restricting airflow and allowing heat to warm your roof are the surest ways to throw your home off balance. Ice dams are not merely an awkward sight outside your home or something that could endanger pedestrians. If ice continues to form and melt on your roof, it increases the chances of leaks springing and shortens the lifespan of the structure.

Findlay Roofing can help you avoid the worst effects of melting ice on your roof. Ask about our regular maintenance packages that keep your roof in good shape no matter what type of weather hits Atlanta.

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