Blistering Buckling Curling: 3 Signs Your Roof Isn’t Doing Well

Blistering Buckling Curling: 3 Signs Your Roof Isn’t Doing Well

The signs of a deteriorating roof are easy to spot: Blistering, buckling and curling are just a few of the indications that point to a declining roof. However, the causes are not always clear cut. In most cases, you'll need a roofing expert to assess the roof and offer recommendations for solving the problem.

Blistering buckling curling

The signs of a deteriorating roof include:

  • Blistering. Most often a sign that moisture has built up inside the shingle, blistering shingles show signs of bubble or blisters on their surface. Blistering can be a natural aging process for roofs, but it's also an indication that the attic isn't properly ventilated, or that leaf and debris has built up on the roof. In regions of the country where exposure to the sun is high, blistering is also common.
  • Curling. Unfortunately, curling is a common problem in roofs. Easy to spot since curling shingles disrupts the uniform look of the roof, the cause is often improper storage of the shingles prior to installation. Alternatively, some additional causes of curling include improper installation, a very dry asphalt base, poor quality shingles and natural wear and tear. The problem with curling shingles is that they leave the structure underneath exposed to the elements, making the structure vulnerable to water damage.
  • Buckling. Similar to curling shingles, buckling shingles are caused by many of the same problems, such as poor ventilation and installation. However, shingles that buckle may also appear due to poor fastening during installation, using nails that are too long, or poor back coating.

Plan of Attack

The best plan of attack for preventing blistering, curling or buckling shingles involves hiring an expert contractor to install the roof and use high-quality shingles. In addition, hire a roofing contractor to regularly evaluate the roof's condition and attic ventilation to ensure its health. Installing and then maintaining the ventilation system in the attic is a great way to keep the temperature down and prevent some these problems.

If you notice blistering, buckling or curling on the shingles of your roof, get expert help right away. Findlay Roofing is always happy to help our neighbors with roof replacement or roof repairs. Just give us a call today!

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