Choose roofing materials according to roof style

Choose roofing materials according to roof style

When it comes to choosing roofing materials for your Fayette home, the sky is nearly the limit. Today's shingle manufacturers construct shingles — along with other types of roof materials such as wood shake — in a variety of colors and textures, giving homeowners a nearly endless number of options from which to choose. There's generally one factor, however, that will limit your choices in roofing materials: roof pitch.

The pitch, or angle, of your roof is dictated by its shape, regardless of whether your roof is gabled, round, gambrel or curved. Pitch is a critical factor when you're choosing a roofing material. It is made up of a ratio of two numbers, such as 4/12. The first number, 4, describes the vertical height of the roof, while the second number, 12, describes the length (or the horizontal) aspect of the roof. So, for every 12 feet of horizontal roof, the roof increases by 4 feet. Roofing experts describe pitch in three categories: low, medium, and high.

Low-pitched roofs

A low-pitched roof usually measures 1/12 to 3/12. It is fairly flat and requires special roofing to prevent leakage. Most often, these roofs are constructed from tar, but they can also be constructed from bitumen or rubber.

A standard shingle wouldn't be able to withstand the standing water that usually rests on a roof after a rainstorm and takes a long time to drain off. The water would quickly permeate through the shingle.

Medium-pitched roofs

A medium-pitched roof measures between 4/12 and 12/12. For roofs with medium pitches, composite-type materials and asphalt are the best material options. These types of shingles are also the most commonly used across America. They work well for roofs with a slope in the medium range because the roof has decent drainage. When overlapping shingles are used, they can withstand the elements and prevent leakage.

High-pitched roofs

A roof with a high pitch measure between 13/12 and 21/12. For high-pitched roofs, homeowners can choose to use asphalt or composite shingles, but rustic wood shake shingles are also an option. With higher pitches, these homes have optimal drainage, so even though wood shake shingles don't overlap or create a seal over the roof, they can effectively drain moisture.

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