How Big Should Your Roof Installation Team Be?

How Big Should Your Roof Installation Team Be?

Roof Installation

When it comes time to replace your Clayton home's roof, the roof installation pro you select will make all the difference. Factors like experience, knowledge and the size of the roofing team may affect the final outcome. Since a roof replacement is a considerable investment, take your time when selecting an expert.

Factors to Consider

To ensure a job well done, keep these things in mind:

  • Expertise. Expertise matters most— regardless of the size of the roofing team. Your roofer should talk to you about the types of materials that will work best for your roof and identify roof problems that need to be fixed.
  • Installation Know-How. The roof installation process isn't a simple one. Skimp on key steps like installing flashing correctly and you'll be looking at a roof repair before you know it. A skilled installation team will follow these steps: 1. Inspect your roof before the job starts 2. Take measurements 3. Order material 4. Schedule the work (many roofing jobs take between one to three days) 5. Protect your landscaping will installing the roof 6. Follow industry-standard best practices when installing shingles, decking and more 7. Thoroughly clean up the site.
  • The Team. Some roofers will send out a small team for a smaller-sized roof. For a larger roof, the installer will bring more labor to the site. In general, the more hands on deck means the job will get done quicker. Regardless of size, skilled contractors can easily navigate any size job. In general, however, you should ask your roofer how many team members will be part of the job and how long the work will take. Make sure to get this in writing.

Your new roof should last a while, so take the time to invest in a roofing professional that knows about installation, materials and how to get the job done quickly.

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