How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Atlanta? 5 Factors

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Atlanta? 5 Factors

If you're wondering, "How much does a new roof cost in Atlanta?" the answer is that it depends. It can be anywhere between $2,000 to $25,000, as several different factors go into determining the cost of a new roof in Georgia. These factors play a role in how much work it takes, how much time it takes, material costs and more. Replacing a roof is one of the most expensive home upgrades for homeowners. Knowing about these five factors can help with the decision-making and financial-planning processes.

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Here are five factors that affect a new roof cost in Atlanta, and the things you need to consider after receiving a quote from a contractor.

Factor #1: Materials

The type of roof material is crucial when it comes to determining the costs of a new roof. For example, metal roofing has a much higher price per square foot than other roof material like asphalt shingles. Apart from the higher costs associated with obtaining certain materials, the costs for installing these materials are higher too. Some materials require more labor and training due to being more complicated to install. These additional labor requirements factor into the pricing. On the bright side, high-quality material will often last longer so you might get a better return on your investment in the long run.

It isn't just the main roof material you need to consider either, since there are other components like the flashing and underlayment. There are times where you don't need to replace these components if they are still of decent quality, but, if you do, it can significantly raise the prices.

Factor #2: Roof Pitch

If a roof pitch is too steep, it may not be possible to walk on. This adds a significant complication for roofers as it might require more complicated procedures to replace a roof. Extra safety equipment might be needed to prevent any accidents in these cases. The higher risks involved with these roof replacements also affect roofers' insurance rates, and this extra cost also gets factored into the price.

Apart from the roof pitch, if you also need to work around peaks, valleys or skylights, it adds further work, impacting the required materials. These different variables increase the time necessary to do the job, leading to higher labor costs. To work on steep roofs, you really need Atlanta roofing specialists who know what they're doing.

Factor #3: Removing Existing Material

The cost for a roof replacement in Atlanta is affected by the current number of shingle layers installed. This is probably one of the most forgotten cost factors. Some roofs might have two layers, but some older homes might even have three layers of shingles. If any of these layers are damaged, they need to be removed since they can cause problems when new material is installed over them. This material also needs to be disposed of, which adds to the costs.

Factor #4: Roof Accessibility

The roof's pitch isn't the only thing that makes working on roofs complicated; accessibility is another important factor. While some houses are isolated and far away from neighboring homes, others only have a small distance from the neighboring home. This often makes reaching the roof a bit more complicated and affects the job procedures that get done. If a roof has large trees around it, this will affect how difficult it is to reach.

If you're looking for services for roofing in Atlanta, GA, then chances are trees might indeed be an issue. These circumstances can require a need for specialized equipment to access the roof.

Factor #5: Roof Size

Roof size plays a significant role in roofing prices in Georgia. A roof with a larger surface area will require more material and more time to install or remove any material. Since roof material is sold by what is known as a roofing square (equal to a hundred square feet of a roof), roofers often estimate the cost of materials based on the square footage of a roof's surface.

What to Consider When Getting A Quote

If you're received a roof quote in Atlanta, you shouldn't automatically accept the first one you get. If a quote sounds too high, then consider obtaining at least two other estimates. On the other hand, if a quote sounds too low, that might be a red flag as well. It's essential to point out that price isn't the most crucial thing to consider when hiring a roofer to replace it. Your home is one of the most important investments you'll make in your life, so it's not something where you want to exchange quality for lower costs. Always keep in mind that if a quote sounds too good to be true, there might be a hidden reason behind it.

Luckily, you can get a free analysis with Findlay Roofing, making shopping for the right local roofer easier than ever.

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