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How to fix a roof, and when to call in the pros

If you're researching how to fix a roof, your first job is to identify the problem. A leaking roof may be solved by identifying and replacing shingles or tiles if the damage is isolated. However, more complex problems require professional-grade inspections and sophisticated solutions. Here are the challenges you will face and why most roof repairs don't qualify as do-it-yourself work.

Early detection of roof damage

The best way to keep roofing costs down is through regular inspections and early detection of damage. By the time your roof is leaking, it's too late to consider anything besides an emergency repair. Roofers will first look for shingles that are broken or are peeling back and allowing water inside your home. The asphalt shingles that cover the roofs of most Atlanta-area homes can be repaired quickly in the hands of a professional. Damaged caulking, flashing or end caps may require closer inspection and sealing to stop the leak.

Tile, metal, modified bitumen or other roof types found in Gwinnett and other areas call for a different approach to repair jobs. No matter what the roof material is, repairs involve much more than a hammer and the right material. Professional roofers must apply materials that last at least as long as your roof's expected life span and take into account the visual aspects as well. Because a roof is one of the most visible parts of your home, you cannot ignore the aesthetic element.

How to fix a roof affordably

Costs for roof repairs vary according to the type of material and the extent of the job. However, homeowners that hope to prolong the life of a roof should ask for a professional inspection every year to make sure the structural integrity is sound. Costs of minor repairs tend to be trivial compared to the price of full roof replacement. In some instances, a homeowner's insurance plan will cover the cost of roof repairs.

Other reasons that should dissuade homeowners from trying to fix a roof include time constraints, lack of available materials and safety concerns. Professional roofers are trained to work on roofs in the safest way possible, and homeowners usually do not have the same safety training and equipment.

On top of the security of knowing a pro has handled your roof repairs, qualified contractors often guarantee their work and the roofing materials used for a fixed period of time. To make sure you are comfortable with the roofers and their recommendations, ask for a free analysis of your roof's condition.

Between the safety risks and complexity involved with learning how to fix a roof, the job is better left in the hands of professionals. Contact Findlay Roofing to start prolonging the life of your roof.

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