Iconic Roofs: A bird’s eye view of architectural history.

Iconic Roofs: A bird’s eye view of architectural history.

The Empire State Building, the Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal - all over the world, iconic roofs litter the skyline, influencing architecture throughout history. In every village, town, city and metropolis, there are roofs that dot the landscape, making an impact on structure design, both near and far.

Over the centuries, architectural styles have changed, reflecting both the culture and time which buildings were constructed as well as bringing a bit of the past into the future. Let's take a look at some of the iconic roofs that capture our interest, and in some cases, bring tourists from far and wide to see these interesting structures.

Opera House in Sydney Australia

The interesting shape of this iconic roof makes a statement and is visible for miles around. Whether on land or by sea, local residents and tourists appreciate the intricacies of constructing the repeating triangular edges that jettison the sky.

StändehausModern Art Museum in Dusseldorf, Germany

The unique shape of this roof is quickly becoming iconic as a modern masterpiece. The architects used nearly 2,000 sheets of glass to create the dome effect on the roof, while enhancing the feeling of a cloister vault tucked neatly inside the building.

Lime Street Station in Liverpool, United Kingdom

A train station from the 1830s, Lime Street Station is one of the iconic roofs that litters Liverpool, it is the oldest and largest station serving the residents. The roof contains a mixture of glass and iron that was strengthened in the 1880s.

Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, California

Apple Headquarters' buildings follow the company's innovative spirit. The roof structure sits nestled between two of the main buildings on campus. The company is currently building a new campus in the neo-futurism architectural style, which is sure to become yet another iconic roof in the region.

Atrium, Jim R. Thompson Center in Chicago, Illinois

This beautiful roof features a circular hole in the middle of it, a component that facilitates streams of light filling the building and creating an outdoor atmosphere inside the atrium. The iconic roof is a relative newcomer, as the building opened in 1985.

It is always fun to look at the beauty around us. If it is a new roof you are looking for, contact Findlay Roofing for expert advice.

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