Learn the parts of a roof

Learn the parts of a roof

It's back to school season! While you shop for school supplies and fall clothing, it's also important to look around your Forsyth home and identify home improvement projects that need done before the cooler weather sets in. Learning the key parts of a roof will help you pinpoint areas of concern and diagnose potential problems.

When you look at your roof, you'll see shingles arranged in a symmetrical pattern. But, underneath those shingles, multiple parts of a roof combine to form a sturdy, reliable barrier. Here are the primary parts of the roof:

  • Rafters - This structure forms the skeleton upon which the roof rests. The roof trussing reaches a peak and then beams rest on top it, forming the support layer for the next component.
  • Decking - The roof decking is comprised of large sheets of wood panels that are laid across the roof's expanse. All of the other materials that make up the roof are connected to the decking.
  • Underlayment - Also known as tar paper, the underlayment plays a vital role in your roof's health. This heavy material helps prevent moisture and debris from penetrating through the roof and damaging the decking or rafters. Once the underlayment is installed, the roofer can move onto applying the actual roofing materials.
  • Shingles - Multiple shingles combine to form an effective protective barrier for the roof. They are what you see when you look at the roof, and they're designed to prevent damage from water, winds and other elements. You can also purchase shingles designed to withstand damage from strong storms and hail.
  • Miscellaneous - While the decking, underlayment and shingles are the primary layers of materials that make up the parts of a roof, other components play a key role. The eave flashing, or drip edge, prevents water buildup and helps usher water toward the gutters—instead of resting on the eaves. Fascia board covers the eaves' ends and helps to secure gutters.

As an informed homeowner, knowing the parts of a roof can go a long way toward making educated decisions about roof replacement and repair. Roof maintenance is one of the most important tasks Forsyth homeowners can do to keep their homes in good condition. If you need help with roofing repairs or maintenance, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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