With a roof analysis, you can plan for the future

With a roof analysis, you can plan for the future

For Dawson homeowners, it's a challenge to determine roof conditions without actually getting up on the roof to perform a roof analysis. Most homeowners are also short on the expertise to know what to look for. At Findlay Roofing, we perform free roof analysis for residents across greater Atlanta. Even if it's not time to replace your roof, an analysis can help you plan for the future so you'll be prepared financially when the time comes.

Here are the primary components we'll inspect during the assessment:

  • The structure: The general structure of the roof reveals how damage, such as uneven pitch or sagging construction, affects the roof's performance. Eventually, uneven pitch or sagging can cause the roof to collapse.
  • The surface: Weatherization can lead to damage to the shingles or flashing, for example. Poor construction or defects in roofing materials can lead to popping nails or granular wear and tear. During the inspection, we will also look for leaks, rusting and fasteners that are loose.
  • The attic: We'll inspect the interior of the attic and look for signs of leaks or wood damage. The inspection also includes assessing the effectiveness of the attic's ventilation system. We'll identify potential problems with the roof deck and evidence of mold. Finally, we'll make sure that the home's exhaust systems don't route into the attic where it can wreak havoc on the spaces.
  • The ceilings: Inside your home, a compromised roof can eventually cause damage to the home's ceilings. Water damage on the ceiling is often a sign that there's ventilation problems or leaks in the attic. This means that attic insulation could be wet and damaged, which will eventually cause problems for the roof itself.

With an expert assessment of the roof, its general condition, age, dimensions, shingle type, pitch and weatherization, you'll be able to estimate its durability and calculate its expected service life.

Avoid facing a costly emergency roof replacement by knowing the current condition of your roof and its expected life span. Contact Findlay Roofing to schedule your free roof analysis, and start planning for the future today!

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