Roof Damage Signs Homeowners Need to Know

Roof Damage Signs Homeowners Need to Know

It's not uncommon for the Atlanta Metro area to experience strong winds or storms. While the aftermath of such storms can leave evidence of branches and other debris on the ground, roof damage is also possible. It's not as easy to see damage to the roof from a perspective on the ground, and you shouldn't risk climbing up on your roof for an up-close look at the damage. Here are some of the signs of roof damage you can look for from the ground level; however, it's important to also have a professional evaluate the roof if you suspect damage.

  • Mildly windy conditions can dislodge shingles, lifting up the bottom edge of the shingle so it looks like it's curling. You may also see a slight lift in some of the shingles due to the winds running underneath the shingle and loosening the adhesive. Once the bonds that seal shingles together is broken, the surface underneath the roof is vulnerable to rain and moisture.
  • Strong winds can do more roof damage. These winds typically rip the entire shingle off of the roof, exposing the underlayment, roof deck or old layer of shingles. Missing shingles should be replaced right away to prevent further damage.
  • Hail storms can really inflict damage to the roof, leaving behind what looks like pockmarks or large dents in the shingles. These marks mean the granules in the shingles are missing, which leaves the roof vulnerable. Granules provide a protection from the sun's radiation and rain.

Some other signs of roof damage to look for include finding shingles on the ground, broken or cracked slate or tile shingles, granules in the downspouts, on the ground, or in the gutters, or damage to siding, vents or flashing. If you can see damage on exposed surfaces of your home, it's likely that the same damage has occurred on the roof.

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