Roofing 101: Pinpointing Exterior Roof Problems

Roofing 101: Pinpointing Exterior Roof Problems

Whether shopping for a new property in Marietta or looking to maintain your home, taking a look at the house's roof is a must. Many exterior roof problems are easily fixed if they're identified early and repaired by experienced professionals. Here are seven common roof issues for you to pinpoint.

  1. Missing shingles. Storms can tear individual shingles off a roof. Likewise, shingles that were not installed properly may eventually peel away and disappear. Leaving waterproofing exposed to the elements may create a leak in your roof. Roofers can replace shingles one-by-one and address the issue that led to the missing ones in the first place.
  2. Rotting materials. Holes are usually a sign of rot, especially when the shingles are made of organic material. The problem begins when moisture gets into the mat at the base of the shingle as this leads to a deterioration of the materials.
  3. Damaged flashing. Roof flashing refers to the metal protection around a chimney or other object protruding from a home's attic. Poor installation or dry materials can cause flashing to break down, which leaves a roof exposed to leaks and, eventually, mold.
  4. Algae stains. Some exterior roof problems are worse than they look. If there are black marks covering part of a roof, the problem is actually algae. In humid climates like Atlanta's, algae collects in roof sections but will not threaten the integrity of the structure. A simple cleaning and adjustment in roof stripping will solve this problem.
  5. Buckling and curling shingles. Downward buckled shingles are typically related to felt that was not applied properly at installation. Shingles curling upward also have a felt issue— most likely in the under-saturation of the materials.
  6. Blistering shingles. Shingles that show blisters (also known as blotches or holes in the material) indicate an excess of moisture. Roofers who used too much plastic cement during installation may have contributed to this problem as well.
  7. Missing granules. New shingles shed a few granules as a matter of course, so do not be alarmed if you notice this happening after a roof installation. If your roof is over 15 years old and you start seeing granules turn up in your gutter and on the ground below, you are most likely in need of a new roof.

Most of these exterior roof problems can be handled quickly and inexpensively when identified early. Contact Findlay Roofing to let them do some preventive maintenance to protect your home.

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