Roofing Color Selection Means More Than You Think

Roofing Color Selection Means More Than You Think

Your roofing selection will impact more than your home's aesthetics. The roof should enhance the style of your home whether it's colonial, modern or traditional or various colors of siding, cedar or brick. However, your roof also plays a role in your utility bills and comfort. Find out why a cool roof is something you should pursue, and not just so you can be one of the "cool" homes in your neighborhood.

A miniature science lesson

On a hot summer day, you're likely to avoid wearing a black shirt and shorts to hit the park or play golf at all costs, because you know they absorb heat. Wearing darker colors generally makes you feel hotter than if you wore white, and this theory holds true for your roof's color, too.

Selecting roofing colors

In a climate like Atlanta's, where the sun shines a lot, it's important to consider roof color. According to the Department of Energy, a black roof absorbs 90 percent of the sun's heat and can reach temperatures of 150 degrees or higher. On the other hand, a lighter-colored roof may reach just 50 degrees in the same weather conditions.

If you're investing in a new roof, now is the time to consider a "cool" roofing option. With a lower roof temperature, you'll gain significant benefits, such as:

  • Lower energy bills. When your roof stays cooler, your attic stays cooler, thereby lowering the home's need for air conditioning. When you don't have to run the A/C as high or as frequently to compensate for high roof temperatures, you save money.
  • Better comfort. With improved control over indoor temperatures, your house stays cooler, and everyone will feel more comfortable in the space.
  • Longer roof life span. High temperatures wear on the roof shingles quicker. Just like weather elements (rain, hail or wind) can hasten the wear and tear on the roof, so can high temperatures. When you keep the roof cooler, it will last longer. As a result, you'll get a higher return on investment in the roof and you won't have to invest in a new roof as soon as you would if the roof were not cool.

There's good news for homeowners interested in investing in a cool roof. Manufacturers have come up with roof technologies that allow for the creation of cool dark colors, so your home's aesthetics don't have to suffer for the sake of efficiency. For help selecting a cool roof, contact Findlay Roofing today!

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