Roofing in the Raining: Don’t Fear Roof Construction

Roofing in the Raining: Don’t Fear Roof Construction

Roofing in bad weather can get complicated, but professionals are never caught off-guard by rain or high winds. Roofers may encounter these variables at any point during a new roof's construction, yet results are still the same… when they have taken precautions. Here is why a rainy season shouldn't stop people from moving forward with roof improvements:

Preparations for Roof Construction

Pro roofers have materials to combat high winds, rain, hail or snow- even around Atlanta. As a homeowner, the biggest risks are taken when there is an exposed area between the attic and the final layer of roofing. However, if done correctly—the situation should never come to that.

Roofers will have tarps ready to throw over any exposed area if rain starts to fall. With the right preparation, only a small area will be exposed at any given time, which makes it easy for a professional team to protect a home's interior and their materials from water damage. When the deck sheathing has been hit directly by rain, the job should stop until all materials are dry—as continuing to apply a waterproofing membrane to a wet deck would void the roof's warranty.

Weatherproof Roofing

A weatherproof roof starts with proper insulation in the attic and continues with an adhesive underlayment or membrane that protects between the deck and shingles. When professionals ensure each element is in place during installation, there's no reason to be concerned about leaks in a new roof, especially during construction.

Choosing the right roofer is the best thing homeowners can do to take care of their homes. Professionals from Buckhead to Bartow County with a track record of experience know how fast the weather can change. Carrying the right equipment and having a contingency plan in case of rain will keep homes dry and home improvement investments safe.

Contact Findlay Roofing when for a professional roof construction job. From the planning phase to adding on a roof's finishing touches, Findlay is the roofer to trust.

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