Roofing Problems: Costly, but sometimes avoidable

Roofing Problems: Costly, but sometimes avoidable

Roofing problems are costly, they can damage the home and they can be a nuisance. When Gwinnett homeowners suspect they have a roofing problem on their hands they need access to expert help, and fast.

You see, you don't want just any professional helping you find the leak in your roof, or the source of wood rot. You want a proven professional to help you uncover the root of the problem, and then offer affordable, lasting solutions.

Common roofing problems

Whether you're being proactive or you believe your roof is already showing signs of problems, here are some of the common contributors:

  • Blistering: When moisture gets trapped inside shingles they can blister. In addition, improper installation due to excessive adhesive can also lead to blistering.
  • Rotting: Shingles can rot when the core of the shingle absorbs moisture.
  • Flashing: The joints of a roof are protected by metal flashing that prevents moisture from accessing the roof's structure. Damaged flashing can wreak havoc on the roof, and eventually require a replacement if left unchecked.
  • Spotting: Inside the home, wet spots on the ceiling are a surefire sign of roofing problems. Often, spotting is the result of damaged shingles leaks on the roof deck or damaged flashing.
  • Mold: When moisture gets into shingles or the roof's wood structure, mold begins to grow. As it proliferates, mold destroys the roof's components.
  • Weather: Hail storms, strong winds, ice, tree branches that fall on the roof — these are all common causes of roofing failures.

The friendly experts Findlay Roofing are happy to help homeowners with these and other common problems that can destroy roofs. Call us today to schedule a roof inspection and we'll identify damaged shingles, moisture problems, or other early signs that your roof needs help.

We provide the greater Atlanta area with roof repairs, roof replacements, and attic insulation. We also provide gutter, siding, door and window installations — services for the entire exterior of the home.

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