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What roof shingle colors are best for your home?

When it's time to select new roofing materials, choosing roof shingle colors may be among one of the most difficult selections you'll make. For Paulding homeowners, it's important to consider the quality of shingle for energy efficiency and durability. The color of the shingle you select can also have a dramatic impact on efficiency and the aesthetic of your home. Here's an easy guide to choosing roof shingle colors that work for your home.

Function vs. form

Fortunately, manufacturers make a range of shingle colors to fit the style of a home as well as its climate needs. The deciding factor for your ideal color choice should generally start with the climate in which you live. For homeowners in Paulding dealing with very warm temperatures, lighter shingle colors work better because they don't absorb as much heat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture states that if you go with a darker shingle color, your attic will be warmer — an undesirable condition that can lead to higher home-cooling bills.

Your home

Obviously, the roof's shingle color should complement your home's siding. A shingle shade that is similar to the home's siding will complement it, and a contrasting color will accentuate the roof. For example, you can choose an entirely different color for the shingles to highlight that space.


Your new roof will last a long time, and it's generally the most costly item on your home to replace. When choosing roof shingle colors, keep in mind that it's easier to swap out or paint doors and shutters to complement the roof color.

Shingle type

Another factor to consider is the type of shingle itself. It can also help or hinder energy efficiency. Asphalt shingles tend to retain heat, which is a help in colder climates. In warmer climates like those in greater Atlanta, clay shingles are a good option because they don't absorb heat.

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