Why Gutter Cleaning Is the Smart Way to Begin Spring Cleaning

Why Gutter Cleaning Is the Smart Way to Begin Spring Cleaning

Did your gutters make it through the winter without getting clogged? Homeowners who are proactive about cleaning their gutters before wintertime can save a roof plenty of wear and tear when snow and rain hit the Atlanta area. Even if you missed that opportunity, it's never too late to observe essential roof maintenance. Here is why your spring cleaning should begin with gutter cleaning this year.

Damage by spring showers

If your home's gutters are clogged with leaves and other debris landing on the roof in winter, you may have a big problem this spring. Twigs, pine straw and other parts of trees can stick inside the gutter and stop rainwater from leaving the roof. Without the ability for water to run through cleanly, rain will overflow onto your roof, potentially causing serious damage to your home.

Cobb County gets the highest amount of rainfall in early spring, which makes your home vulnerable to water damage when gutters are not operating properly. When winter brings frost to the Atlanta area, those problems are compounded by melting ice dams and leftover snow. Simple roof maintenance will allow you to avoid the worst of these issues.

Routine gutter cleaning

Replacing a roof is a huge cost for any type of home, but regular maintenance will extend the life of roofing at a fraction of the cost. If you have had problems with falling debris from trees on your property, gutter screens and covers are one solution we might recommend. Though tall trees help shield homes from excessive sunlight and wind, these downsides should be taken into consideration.

Once spring arrives and excess moisture is lingering on your roof, you risk attracting vermin and mosquitoes, in addition to the structural damage water will cause. Whether you need a routine cleaning or full inspection (recommended every two years by home inspectors), the time between late winter and early spring is an ideal moment for getting it done. Hopefully, there are no more winter storms in the making, but plenty of rain is headed the area's way.

Regular gutter cleaning will keep water flowing off your roof, where it cannot damage your home. Ask Findlay Roofing about routine gutter maintenance and other quick fixes that will extend the life of your roof.

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