Your Roofing Problems: Repair or Replace?

Your Roofing Problems: Repair or Replace?

Sometimes roofing problems should be quickly repaired, but in other cases, replacing the full roof may be a better decision in the long run. In addition to considering the costs of repair vs. fully replacing a roof, you should also think about the type of damage and what that means for your roof. Here are several common cases, and why repair or replacement is a good idea.

A Windstorm Damaged Some Shingles

If your bare patches are in a few isolated areas, call Findlay Roofing and arrange for a repair. This isn't usually a reason to consider a roof replacement; bad storms can damage even new rooftops, especially if they are hit with flying debris.

I've Had Several Leaks In the Past Couple of Years

What caused the leaks? If the leaks were created by clear, isolated incidents like a windstorm or pests doing damage, then you should focus on repairs and try to limit the cause. This might mean pest control, cutting down nearby trees or other remedies. If the leaks seem to be occurring for no clear reason, then your roof may have more serious age or damage issues and need to be replaced.

Moss Has Started to Cover My Roof

There are many serious moss-related roofing problems, so you certainly don't want it on your roof. A large amount of moss suggests a replacement. For a small amount, you may want to ask for a roof inspection first to see how much damage has been done.

There's Moisture Damage in the Underlayment

If water has made it past the underlayment, a layer installed under the main roofing material, it's bad news. If you catch this problem very early on, a repair may be possible. Otherwise, look into a replacement option.

My Flashing Needs to Be Replaced

Damaged flashing around the roof edges or chimney can typically be replaced with a simple repair. However, if the damage has allowed significant moisture seepage, that's a different set of roofing problems that may require a larger repair project.

A Bad Storm Damaged Several Shingles

Is the damage primarily on one side of the roof? Consider a partial replacement, which is often an effective solution for severe storm damage. Otherwise, discuss the costs of multiple repairs vs. replacement with a Findlay Roofing pro.

My Shingles Look Bare But There's No Damage

Bare shingles without many granules is a common sign of an old roof. If your current roof is a few decades old, it may be time for a full roof replacement.

My Roof Is Crooked or Sagging in Places

A crooked roof line hints at serious structural problems beneath and often requires far more than a roof repair. A Findlay Roofing professional can do a full inspection and find the underlying problem.

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