Effects of Heavy Rainfall on Your Roof

Effects of Heavy Rainfall on Your Roof

While you might not see much snow in the Atlanta Metro, there is always plenty of rain pelting roofs in the Atlanta area throughout the year. Whenever it rains hard, there is the potential for major damage to homes when you aren't protected. Here are some effects of heavy rainfall on your roof and what you can do to avoid them.

Heavy rain effects

If storms are common in your area, heavy rains will wear down shingles and other elements of a roof. The damage left in a storm's wake can involve lost shingles and moisture penetration in the underlayment. This water damage can penetrate the roof deck and eventually compromise the structural integrity of the home. Excessive moisture may also lead to rot and mold inside your home, which spells trouble both structurally and for the health of your family.

Homes with sloping roofs present special challenges when trying to protect from rain damage because water collects where parts of the roof connect. Roofers are able to install waterproofing for roofs of this type to protect against moisture damage. Problems may also arise from improperly installed roofing or clogged gutters. Anywhere there are holes for nails and rainwater collecting from backed-up gutters, you have the potential for serious damage.

Protecting your roof

Knowing a roof's weak spots is the only way to protect against the effects of heavy rainfall on your roof. Checking on your home's condition after a major winter storm is recommended, but a professional inspection every year or two is necessary to assess damage and figure out ways to prevent more.

You may even consider preparing your home for hurricanes and other intense storms in the area. While gabled roofs are the most vulnerable to heavy rains and wind, any roof with missing shingles, damaged flashing or a lack of weatherproofing may take a beating from storms throughout the year. As with a car or other parts of your home, preventive maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your roof.

There are ways to prevent the worst effects of heavy rainfall on your roof. Between regular maintenance and trusting only professional Atlanta roofers, you will put yourself in a position to get the most of your roofing investment. Contact Findlay to learn more about protecting your home for the long run.

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