Roofing 101: Twisting Defined

Roofing 101: Twisting Defined

Twisting Defined

While there are many roof exterior problems worth noting, most can be attributed to excess moisture, poor workmanship or a combination of the two. Roof work that is twisting or curling in an abnormal way is no exception to this rule. Here is what you can expect when you notice shingles or shake that has become twisted.

Why Roofing Twists

When Cobb County roofers notice shingles that have twisted out of position, the first place they check is the attic. Moisture that has accumulated below shingles can cause your exterior roofing to twist upward. There are several reasons why water can reach the attic. Tiny holes in roofing (from poor installation) will allow droplets of moisture to enter the space, eventually leading to deterioration in shingles or shake. This, in turn, lets in more moisture from outside.

Other problems can be traced to poor ventilation in the attic or the production of the shake or shingles. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the grain appearance on shingles and shake may determine the long-term stability of the roofing. Wood that cups, curls or twists often comes from poorly shaped grain.

Consequences of Twisting Roofing

While distorted roofing is usually the result of excess moisture, any shift in your home's protective covering will allow more moisture into the building. Roofers who diagnose the problem will attempt to replace damaged shingles while addressing the problem at the source. When caught before the damage is extensive, homeowners may able to have the roof fixed without a heavy repair bill.

When it comes to an older roof where twisting is widespread and moisture is creeping inside rapidly, roofers have fewer options. Damaged shingles are more likely to tear off and blow away in an intense storm. You may have large areas of roofing disappear in the coming months, especially if storm season is approaching. Roof replacement may be the best option left.

Contact the professionals when you have concerns about any abnormality on your roof. They can diagnose the problem and outline your best options.

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