Troubleshooting a Leaking Addition Before Spring Rains Hit

Troubleshooting a Leaking Addition Before Spring Rains Hit

By the time spring arrives, most Georgia homeowners are ready to put the winter behind them and enjoy outdoor areas and home additions. Unfortunately heavy spring rains hitting a leaking addition can ruin your plans and leave you dealing with a huge mess. Here is help to avoid problems with roofing over home additions.

Checking integrity of roofing

When you have professional contractors add rooms or roofed porches to your home, there are several standards they should have followed. For example, roofers will check on the metal flashing that serves as protection against water leaking inside the enclosure. Do-it-yourself home additions often end up with problems in roofing and connections to the main structure, but cut-rate professional work may also be shoddy.

With the winter out of the way, bring in a qualified roofer to see how your home is holding up against the elements. Whether you have concerns about a sloping roof or a new home addition's integrity, heavy rains have the potential to do damage to multiple areas of roofing. Problems around gutters are another trouble area to watch as April and May rainfall intensifies.

Fixing a leaking addition

When a roofer diagnoses the problem surrounding a leaking home addition, they will discuss your options. In some cases, replacing the roof flashing (an inexpensive solution) could be enough as long as water damage is limited. Any problems related to the moisture inside the addition also need to be addressed. Widespread damage to the addition could require replacement to the section's roofing as well as connections to the main structure.

As with the job of building out a home addition, repairing problems with flashing or broken shingles are best left in the hand of professional roofers. Spring rains pelting a compromised roof will quickly lead to expensive repairs. While you have a roofer check on flashing and the integrity of the addition's connection to your home, have gutter cleaning done at the same time. When there is debris in gutters, heavy rains will cause an overflow and potentially serious water damage and rot.

If you suspect you have a leaking addition or simply want to make sure things are fine before heavy rains hit, contact a professional to do the job right. Findlay Roofing provides expert service in roof repair, gutter maintenance and any other concerns you have.

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